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Virtue — An Independent Tool Supplier

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Virtue Technology is an independent tool and spare parts manufacturer. We strictly follow the specifications of the supplied design drawings, regarding function, material, tolerances and the required surface treatment.

Tools need more than just support...

Tools for semiconductor Trim & Form systems are continuously improving according to new requirements, improved lifetime and optimized functionality. Tools and spare parts are usually manufactured strictly according to the original specifications. In addition, our engineering team offers qualified support for all products.

...improve your tools and spare parts

On customer request, Virtue analyzes products and suggests improvements, regarding lifetime, surface treatment, material or even offer a redesign of a tool or spare parts to achieve better performance, to adapt it to new requirements or new technologies (i.e. increase lifetime by using an improved surface treatment or material). Simply call us and we can analyze your equipment and make suggestions for improvements or cost reduction. Virtue is a reliable and powerful partner for your production tools and spare parts supply. Years of experience and a professional, well trained team in combination with highly sophisticated production systems gives you the support you can rely on.

Careful production and extensive quality control

For its tooling and spare parts production, Virtue has modern and sophisticated processes:
• The quality control department independently checks every step in the parts manufacturing process.
• The Production is under direct control of Dutch management and strictly follows their standards.

• The lasermarking or etching of all parts after manufacturing with their drawing number and revision number is standard.
• A measurement report is attached to every part and certifies its quality.
• The product quality meets worldwide standards, is reproducible and stringent.