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Virtue Technology has two high precision CNC toolshops in Asia that specialise in product development and manufacturing for European and American companies. Founded by Dutch engineers, Virtue Technology has a management team with a combined experience of over 50 years in the semiconductor and tooling industry.

Virtue Technology has a wide variety of products ranging from easy CNC milling parts to highly accurate EDM/grinding parts. Virtue handles low volume production (1-20 pieces) as well as high volume (>1000 pieces). We have a product mix of ¬†Aerospace, Semiconductor, Medical, ¬†Oil ‘n Gas and others custom made parts.

Making use of the Thai and Malaysian foreign business incentives and our locations in Free Trade Zones close to International Airports, we are able to achieve substantial cost savings without compromising on quality and lead-time.

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Virtue Technology Provides:

Your Gateway To Asia

Production in Asia can give significant cost savings provided that you have the right contacts/relationships. Having these contacts and relationships Virtue Technology manufactures and subcontracts only with our carefully selected suppliers. We closely monitor the progress assuring that leadtimes and quality are not being compromised. Materials used are extremely important and being located in a free trade zone, Virtue technology can import even the most exotic materials tax free.